Peter Schuller <> (please email for phone number)

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Work experience

  • 2020-03 - present: Full time software engineer at Meta.

  • 2016-11 - 2020-03: Full time software engineer at Lyft (storage team).

  • 2011-11 - 2016-11: Full time software engineer at Twitter (storage team ~ 3 years, devtools for ~ 2 years). Main original author of manhattan (distributed storage system).

  • 2009-05-11 - 2011-11, employed full-time as a backend developer at Spotify ( writing mostly Python, C++ and some Java.

  • Mid-2004 to 2009-05-10, employed full-time at Picsearch ( writing predominantly production, often mission-critical, C/C++ and Python code.

  • Was a co-founder of a private business (InfiDyne Technologies - from 1999 to ~ 2009. My work in relation to InfiDyne has included system and network administration, end-user IT support, ISP services (web hosting and colocation) and software development for both internal use and for clients.

  • Late 2006 to late 2008/early 2009 (on the side of the full-time position), done system administration centric consulting for a European online auction site.

  • Implemented most of the backend for MobiGear (formerly - no longer maintained by the owner), a Swedish mobile content provider.

  • Have spent three summers working with C/C++ and Java development in the form of summer jobs. Two of these summers were spent at the same company (MIMER - a relational database software company).


  • Self-taught from an early age: at 8 years old I began programming in BASIC.

  • Significant experience in Python, Golang, Java, C++, C, Ruby, (Perl, sort of).

  • Have written a large amount of concurrent multi-threaded code.

  • Have written and worked with reactor based asynchronous I/O code (Python w/ Twisted, C/C++).

  • Some experience with Clojure, Common Lisp, various Scheme:s, Smalltalk:s (Squeak/VisualWorks mostly), Erlang, PHP.

  • Some knowledge of Haskell, Ocaml, Self, Eiffel.


  • Experience with normalized deployments using things like FAI, puppet, cfengine.

  • Experience with software packaging for several package management systems (mainly dpkg, ports, pkgsrc).

  • Wrote a package manager for pkgsrc.

Operating systems

  • Active user/administrator of the following operating systems:

    • FreeBSD

    • Debian/Ubuntu (Linux)

    • MacOS X (user)

    • Windows XP/Vista (user; with significant past administration of Windows 2000 clients)

  • Past or partially active user of:

    • DragonFly BSD

    • NetBSD

    • Gentoo Linux

    • OpenSolaris

  • Historically have had experience with DOS and OS/2.

  • Some very limited experience with other operating systems such as other BSDs and commercial Unixes.


  • Actively persuing an interest in Cassandra.

  • Have been an active user of PostgreSQL and MySQL (including 100+ GB databases and real-time sensitive situations).

  • Mixed bag of historical db experience, relational and otherwise (MIMER, OzoneDB, ZODB, Magma, others).

Interests/current pursuits

  • General interest in learning new programming languages and methodologies. Big believer in expressive languages that allow code compression and minimize boilerplate/repetition.

  • Interested in virtual machine implementation and garbage collection techniques. Have dug into G1/CMS a bit on my free time; loving what I read about Azul’s GC.

  • Interested in operating system design and implementation.

  • Other interests include philosophy, skepticism, critical thinking, cinema.


  • After finishing the Natural Science program at Fyrisskolan in Uppsala, Sweden, I attended the University of Maryland, College Park, USA for one year, majoring in Computer Science. Decided to re-focus on running InfiDyne full-time after the first year.

Language skills

  • Fluent in English and Swedish.

  • Tourist level knowledge of German.

  • Some knowledge of Esperanto, thlingan-Hol.